EHEPM – École des Hautes Études en Psychologie Mathématique.

University of Mathematical – Psychology

Psychology of Motivation, Paul Diel



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Within three years learning EHEPM teaches you the psychology of Motivation introduced by Paul Diel.

It provides you with a scientific knolewdge which you can apply to yourself first and then to use for helping patients.

You get a double diploma from EHEPM and from the State University of Mohammed Premier, Maroc.


Welcome to l’EHEPM


This University was created in the spirit that Paul Diel wanted, namely: to be open to all those who have a capacity for reasoning, introspection and empathy towards others. People who are amazed by the inner world and the outer world, who seek to understand.

Welcome to you if you recognize yourself in this description.

Our trainings

First year

Laws of internal world

these laws which rule our internal world.
With axioms, theorems we can approach how our mind is working. Not only a scheme is presented but how it works.

Second year

Translation of dreams

During night, our brain is working. It produces dreams. It is “written in a symbolic way. With this method and new science we can translate it into conceptual words and understand how we decide and make our choice. There is a grammar and a vocabulary.

Third year

Values and distance

The aim of this last year is to deal with values and distance betwen human being. Nowadays people are very distant to each other whatever the social network are. The more we facilitate a network, the more people feel alone.

Years of training

Langages (French, Russian, English, portuguese)



Alumni testimonials or quotes

 stephane solotareff

This course is issued from my knowledge in mathematics and in psychology of Paul Diel.

I wanted it similar as a cours of mathematics with demonstrations, theoremes, axiomes. It is also based as a course in physics with the laws of the inner world instead of the laws of outside world. The analogy is amazing.

Science has to observe, with introspections (consciousness and extra consciousness), then to formulate definitions and laws and verify if laws are working by applying then to explain our problems as well as to predict what will happen essentially.

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