Each student is responsible for keeping informed about changes in legal and regulatory information, via the home page.

He must regularly consult the EHEPM BLOG where he will find information on the passing of exams, the opening of registrations, even if the EHEPM notifies students by email.

Each student is invited to share their criticisms and wishes for improvement regarding the teaching via the CONTACT tab. A written answer will be answered within 72 hours.

In case of difficulty, the student can at any time write via CONTACT to the EHEPM and ask his question. The EHEPM will take into account his request and will organize, according to the needs, an adapted and personalized video session to answer his question. No student can get stuck like this on a Quiz, or on his thesis.

It is strongly recommended that each student take enough time in advance to write his thesis, to register via the EHEPM for the FEDE and EHEPM exams (write his thesis in addition to the Quizzes).  It is recalled that only the EHEPM can register its students for the FEDE exams. This registration can only take place if the EHEPM exams according to the FEDE nomenclature have been passed successfully.

In the exceptional case of abandonment of the training, the student will be asked for the reasons for his abandonment which he must justify in writing and transmit to the EHEPM so that it can improve its courses, its materials and its exams. (and this as part of a permanent quality improvement process).

You will find the FEDE nomenclature for the various exams below (sheets drawn up according to the FEDE criteria).

download file for general conditions of sales

Download file training process

Download progess of first year

Download process for second year

Download process for third year

Download the file of tutors