The New EHEPM Opens its Doors

La troisième année de formation est désormais prête.

Elle concerne le problème des valeurs, la distance entre les êtres humains. Une métrique pour le monde intérieur.

Works and Days

du 20 septembre 2020 au 15 juin 2021

Les diplômes

October 1 — january 1 — june 1

comment fonctionne notre psychisme

The Life I Deserve

August 1 — December 1


Réservé aux étudiants inscrits

”Thank’s to this method which has changed my life.”

With around ten meetings, anyone can find out his own problem. Formulate it in the same way as a physical problem, and submit to the method to be solved.

Science has to explain experimentation. Then more experimentations can be checked if this theory is valid. If so, the purpose of the science becomes to be able to predict what could happen. It is in this way that dielian method psychology is working.

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